Mini USB Charging Cable | Retractable Mini USB Cord | Black

Mini USB Charging Cable | Retractable Mini USB Cord | Black

  • Easily connect your phone, camera, camcorder, or PDA to any USB device
  • The durability of the cable's protective jacket ensures the cable's longevity
  • Integrated, tension-relief molding easily handles every day stress of plugging and unplugging
  • The tangle-free cable retractor stows cable compactly keeping your desk top, pocket, or briefcase free from tangled cable mess

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Product Details

Connect and project with ReTrak's Mini USB Charging Cable. The 2.4 amp rapid micro USB charger fills your battery faster than your old one, letting you unplug and live life sooner. Easily connect your camera, camcorder, or PDA to any USB device.The versatile and portable design makes it the perfect travel accessory. Retract the cable with the click of a button and stick it in your pocket for easy carrying. With this cord, you can recharge from any car lighter jack, accessory outlet, wall socket, or the USB port on your laptop. Customize the length of the mini USB charging cable to suit your needs, from handing your phone off to the backseat DJ, to playing games in bed.

Unlike other charging cables, our mini USB charging cable was designed to last. The protective jacket ensures longevity, while the integrated, tension-relief molding easily handles everyday stress of plugging and unplugging. This mini USB charging cable works perfectly with Android devices, like Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, LG, Google Pixel, Sony and plugs into virtually any USB outlet and laptop, like Lenovo, IBM, ASUS, Acer, and more.

Our mission is to redefine consumer electronics by designing retractable accessories that can be carried easily on-the-go. We’re here to add an element of simplicity to your lifestyle – so you can stay connected whenever, wherever. ReTrak is proud of every minute and every headache we save you from untangling pesky cords.

The industry standard for micro USB chargers and other electronic products is 1 year, but we're not like those other guys. We built our products to last as long as you do, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty for US purchases.*

*Some exclusions apply.

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