USB (Cables)

Whether you need to charge or connect a laptop, camera, camcorders, PDA, tablet, smartphone or any device with a USB port, you’re covered with ReTrak’s wide range of retractable USB cables. All of the USB cables extend from the retractor, preventing unnecessary excess cable clutter and also providing more freedom to move. Get a fast charge or transfer data seamlessly at the fastest possible speeds with the 2.4 amp rated cables.

It doesn't matter what type of USB device you have - if you need to charge or sync, you can count on ReTrak's USB cables to provide extremely fast charge and sync speeds. Our wide variety of cables cover regular USB, micro USB, USB 2.0, USB-C, USB Mini 4-pin, USB-A, USB-B, USB Micro 5, USB Mini 5 and beyond - you're sure to find something that fits your need. When retracted, our USB cables are compact enough to fit in your pocket, so they are ideal for those of us who like to pack light and are always on the go.

ReTrak's retractable USB cables are ideal to have on hand in every area of your life. Keep one at work, in your car and at home so that you are always prepared with a fully charged and connected USB device for day-to-day use. Digital cameras, smart phones, laptops, cameras and any other USB variety devices are sure to have a cable that works with them. Connect your USB device with an Apple lightning port or an aux port in your car. Check out ReTrak's universal USB extension cables which allow you to connect several different types of USB devices without having to buy separate cables for each.

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