Universal (Power)

ReTrak’s universal chargers epitomize the one-stop-shop mentality that is so valuable in today’s on-the-go world. Cut down on the clutter and save all kinds of space on your desk at work or in storage at home with a wide variety of Universal chargers, Universal extension cables, universal battery chargers and universal phone chargers. Our retractable universal chargers are just that: retractable. This means that when you aren’t using them, you can retract the cords so that you can conveniently store them in a drawer, purse, pocket or backpack, making them perfect for the on-the-go traveler, commuter and life-liver.

Our universal chargers offer a one-cord charging solution for most of your devices, making them the complete package for today’s highly mobile lifestyle. No matter what type of USB device you have, you can feel confident that it will connect to any other type of USB device with our USB Universal Extension cable. Transfer data or power between any USB B, USB A, USB Micro 5 or USB Mini 5 compatible device without purchasing separate extension cables for each connection combination.

With our Universal battery charger for laptops, you’ll only need one for your entire life because it comes with 13 interchangeable adapter tips to ensure almost any Ultrabook, notebook, or netbook can be charged with this one universal charger. This universal charger for laptops comes with an LED charging light to indicate your laptop is being charged when it’s plugged in.

Keep your devices charged around the world with our universal charger and travel adapter. This 4-in-1 plug ensures that you’ll never face a foreign outlet dilemma again – with the ability to charge anywhere in the UK, Europe, US, and Australia. Like all of ReTrak’s retractable universal chargers, this universal charger and travel adapter is a great must-have addition to any world travelers and adventures suitcase.

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