Micro USB (Cables)

ReTrak’s Micro USB cables will keep your device connected whether you are at home, at work, or on the road in the car. Power or sync your Micro USB devices with ReTrak’s wide variety of Micro USB cables. They will charge your device at lightning speed with the flexibility of a retractable cord, making your charge-and-sync functionality as easy as possible.

Transfer and charge between any micro USB device, including tablets, cameras, hard drives, printers and more. Many smartphones are also compatible with our Micro USB cables, including brands such as Samsung, Galaxy, HTC, Motorola, Nexus, Nokia, and Lg. ReTrak's Micro USB cables are retractable so that you can customize it to whatever length you need and also retract the cord back in when you are done for hassle-free storage. Store it in your pocket, purse, backpack, drawer or briefcase so that It can come with you when you're on the go, ensuring that your micro USB device is never without charge or connection.

Other Micro USB cables fray and deteriorate within a couple of months, but ours are made with reinforced connectors that last 4 times longer than most standard cables. You can feel confident that your device will always stay protected, because our Micro USB cables are made with an ultra-slim connector so that you can keep your case on while you stay connected. Connect your Micro USB device to a wide variety of other devices, such as those with Apple lightning ports, Micro 5, Mini 5, USBA-A, USB-B or USB-C ports.

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