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Welcome to the World of ReTrak

Our mission is to redefine consumer electronics by designing retractable accessories that can be carried easily on-the-go. Say goodbye to cable clutter and tangled wires. We’re here to add an element of simplicity to your lifestyle – so you can stay connected whenever, wherever.

Compact. Portable. Convenient.

Everything We Do is Retractable

Pre•mier Line


ReTrak’s Premier Series line combines sleek design with modern mobility to compliment the on-the-go lifestyle of travel enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Es•sen•tials Line


ReTrak’s Essentials line combines everyday technology with ultimate mobility for a one-of-a-kind, retractable experience at a modest price point.

Why ReTrak?

SAVE TIME Not-so-fun fact: most people spend an average of 3.5 days of their entire lives untangling headphones. Every minute we save you from untangling cables is a minute we’re proud of.
It’s true when they say size matters. All of our products eliminate cable clutter and are designed to save space, so you can utilize them on-the-go. Want to carry a charger in your pocket? Travel with just a carry on bag? We help make that happen.

Texas-Based, Globally Present

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