Car Chargers (Power)

ReTrak’s wide variety of car chargers will ensure that you keep all of your devices powered up while on the road. Never loose power when using your phone for navigation or while listening to podcasts on long road trips again with our car chargers, no matter what device you are using. We have lightning car chargers, USB car chargers, USB C car chargers and more. All of our car chargers rapidly fuel your technology efficiently and at the speed of life, so that you can get back to life sooner.

Team iPhone? Our lightning car chargers will keep your apple devices powered up. Each lightning car charger is compatible with iPhone 5, 5c, 5S, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+, SE, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, iPad 4th generation, Air, Air 2, Pro, iPad Mini 2, 3, 4 and any other lightning port compatible device. With a retractable cord, you can easily retract the lightning cable while not in use to prevent tangles and clutter in your console. On the other hand, you can extend the cable of the lightning car chargers so that the person in the backseat can be the dj on your long road trip. Sitting shotgun and need to work from your iPad remotely while you ride? Stay powered so that you can get the job done before you get to your destination with our lightning car chargers.

Team Android? Your devices will never lose power with our Micro USB car chargers. Any Android device, whether it’s Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, GPS, LG, Windows phones or more, will be compatible with our Micro USB car charger, so you can feel confident that your device will charge quickly on the way to your destination in the car. Perfect for on the go android users, our micro USB car chargers are retractable, meaning less tangles so you can focus on the drive ahead. The micro USB car chargers, like all of our car chargers, have cords that have an integrated strain-relief design that prevents frays and breakage.

Any USB C device that needs power on your trip will work with our USB C car chargers. Whether it’s a camera, hub, or audio adapter, keeping it charged up while you drive isn’t an issue with ReTrak’s USB C car chargers.

The world we live in always seems to be on-the-go. No matter what type of device you have that requires power while you drive, ReTrak has you covered with our many car charger options. Keep one of each type of car charger in your glove box so that you and your passengers can feel confident that your device will last the entire trip and be ready to go once you get to your destination. Our lightning car chargers, USB c car chargers, USB car chargers and other car chargers all charge rapidly and with strong connection, so stay charged on your next ride.

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