Power Banks & Portable Chargers (Power)

Power banks are a great portable source of power when your phone or electronic device is running low. Have you ever been on the road and out of power? These portable battery packs can save the day when out and about and are small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. Many portable chargers come with one or two USB ports to use with a variety of devices. Power banks are perfect for on the go charging of phones, laptops, tablets, cameras and gaming devices. Depending on the capacity of the portable charger, certain devices may be charged over and over without the need for a recharge at a wall outlet via the included micro USB cable. Portable chargers are so easy to use, just plug in the USB end of the charging cord to the charger and the other end to your device! LED indicator lights will let you know when the power bank needs recharging.

Because they are so versatile, portable chargers make great gifts for graduation, Father’s Day, Birthdays or Back to School. Students love the security of knowing they will be connected through the evening no matter how late they stay out. Dad’s like knowing they can tailgate before a game and still have enough juice for pictures of the players and video of the big plays.

Power banks give travelers the portability and guarantee of having enough power to take with them on a plane, out hiking, or riding to the middle of nowhere. Power banks are great for camping or using anywhere there is no surety of an accessible power outlet. Purchase multiple units to keep one in the car, one for the purse, and one for a backpack or locker. Portable chargers are also handy to keep as a power source for emergency situations such as an earthquake, storm or power outage. No matter who gets the power bank, the recipient will thank you every time they run out of power and use this gift to finish a paper on their laptop, send a much-needed text, take extra hours of video or post a picture to their favorite social media app.

Portable chargers are the easiest way to have power on the go without the bulk to slow you down. Buy one to give as a gift and one for yourself, power banks are a convenient, hassle-free way to stay powered up.

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