Retractable Stylus Pen | Active Stylus Pen | Blue

Retractable Stylus Pen | Active Stylus Pen | Blue

  • Available in various colors so you can pick one to fit your style
  • Unique, fiber cloth conductivity allows for immediate response
  • Use the built-in clip to attach stylus to your bag or pocket so it's never left behind
  • Stylus tip lets you write or sketch on a touch screen device with the natural precision of a pen and paper
  • Fits comfortably in your hand and the fabric cloth prevents scratches and smudges



Product Details

ReTrak's retractable stylus pen provides a more natural way for you to draw, take notes and interact with the screen of your tablet or device. Using it is so natural that you'll feel like you are writing with pen and paper. Writing on a tablet can be difficult and imprecise if you don't have a well-made, retractable stylus pen. Use the retractable stylus pen to efficiently take notes, create beautiful works of art, or even to just add some flair to your Snapchats.

Retractable stylus pens can be easy to lose. Retrak's retractable stylus pen has a built-in clip so that it attaches securely to your pocket, tablet case or wherever you need in a moments notice. It fits very comfortably in your hand while you use it, and when your job is done you can retract the tip of the retractable stylus pen into its housing to prevent it from breaking. This retractable stylus pen is made with quality construction and delivers balance, durability and performance. 

Our mission is to redefine consumer electronics by designing retractable accessories that can be carried easily on-the-go. We’re here to add an element of simplicity to your lifestyle – so you can stay connected whenever, wherever. ReTrak is proud of every minute and every headache we save you from untangling pesky cords.

The industry standard for retractable stylus pens and electronic products is 1 year, but we're not like those other guys. We built our products to last as long as you do, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty for US purchases.*

*Some exclusions apply.

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