USB-C to USB Cable | USB 2.0 Cable Male | Retractable Cord | Black

USB-C to USB Cable | USB 2.0 Cable Male | Retractable Cord | Black

  • Compatible with all USB-C to USB-A devices
  • Reversible USB-C connector for foolproof plug-in
  • Tangle-free, retractable cable



Product Details

Connect your USB C devices to your USB devices with ReTrak's retractable USB C to USB cable. This cable is perfect to use if you need to connect a USB device such as a Chromebook Pixel, Macbook, or Galaxy Note 7 with a standard USB A device, such as standard car chargers, power banks, hard drives, or laptops. Never run into issues with not being able to connect your USB C to USB devices again with this tangle-free, retractable cable. Being retractable, this USB C to USB cable's length can be customized to fit your needs. When you are done, you can retract the USB C to USB cable with the click of a button for space-saving, clutter-free storage.

You don't need to worry about your Galaxy phone running out of battery when you visit your relatives who are strictly team iPhone, as long as you bring ReTrak's retractable USB C to USB cable. Connect your phone to any standard USB wall charger with this USB C to USB and you'll be loaded up on power for as long as you need. With a reversible USB-C connector, this USB C to USB provides foolproof plug-in to any qualifying device you need.

Our mission is to redefine consumer electronics by designing retractable accessories that can be carried easily on-the-go. We’re here to add an element of simplicity to your lifestyle – so you can stay connected whenever, wherever. ReTrak is proud of every minute and every headache we save you from untangling pesky cords.

The industry standard for USB C to USB cables and electronic products is 1 year, but we're not like those other guys. We built our products to last as long as you do, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty for US purchases.*

*Some exclusions apply.

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