Utopia 360° Will Be Featured at The 2nd Annual B&N Mini Maker Faire

Calling all tech-enthusiasts, creative thinkers and hands-on makers! The 2nd Annual Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire is right around the corner, and we want YOU to join us.

The Mini Maker Faire at Barnes & Noble brings together tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, engineers, science club members, students, entrepreneurs, hobbyists and Makers of all kinds to learn from each other, get craft ideas and science fair project ideas, hear the experts, and work on projects.

ReTrak’s Utopia 360° Virtual Reality Headset will be one of many innovative, experience-driven products that is demonstrated at the Mini Maker Faire. At the event you’ll be able to get hands-on with the headset, experience 360° immersion and learn more about the future of VR.

The Mini Maker Faire will take place at all Barnes & Noble stores on November 5th and 6th. For more information and times visit:
Why You Should Travel with Carry-On Only

Anyone who has ever been on a plane knows that the travel experience can be hectic, stressful, and expensive. While you may not be able to control delayed flights or the snoring passenger next to you – there’s one big element you can control that will both simplify your experience AND cut costs. That’s right, we’re challenging you to travel with a carry-on bag only. Here’s why:

Bag fees. In 2014 U.S Airlines racked up a sky-high $3.5 billion dollars in baggage fees alone. Most airlines charge an average of $25 for the first checked bag, meaning a roundtrip flight will cost at least an additional $50 outside of your ticket cost. It may not sound like much, but extra luggage could lead to additional costs.

Less airport stress. Airports are hectic! With carry-on only, your airport experience will be easy to manage and far less stressful. You know that feeling of panic you get when your luggage is being weighed and you’re silently praying it’s not over the weight limit? Skip that feeling. You don’t need that. Just check in before your flight and stroll to the gate.

Ease of transportation. Ultimate mobility is priceless. Without the bulk of luggage, you have a lot more freedom in transportation. You’re not confined to a Taxi or Uber – you’re able to experience city culture while utilizing the bus or subway. Besides saving some serious cash, the other perk is that you don’t have to immediately drop off luggage. If you want to leave the airport and head directly to a café and meet a friend for lunch – you can!

Waiting time. If you’ve ever picked someone up at the airport and they say their flight lands at 2:00 PM, you know you really have until 2:30 to pick them up. Waiting at the conveyor belt for your luggage to roll in really cuts into prime travel time. Imagine getting off a flight and walking straight out of the airport. Now make it a reality.

Overall simplicity. Instead of stressing to make a list of everything you could possibly need, make a modest list of the essentials to pack. Envision all the times you’ve over packed and didn’t use most of what you brought on the trip – you can do this! Roll your clothes instead of folding them, buy toiletries at your destination, and pack travel-sized items and retractable cables to take up significantly less space. Simple packing simplifies your entire travel experience.

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